Deflective Skepticism and Critical Plinking

These process-based sculptures lend credence to the idea that the end justifies the means. The idea that throughout history via the tumult of rapid progress, regression and stagnancy, in the end everything will reach a homogenous field.  The objects and narratives in this work were created with the intention of being damaged. Through the act of shooting our work with pellet guns we are able to democratize our collective thoughts by levelling them to the same plain of being, forcing all ideas into an equally accessible scope by not allowing them to have a genesis, but just an end. The works become a monumental effigy, having been critiqued in the harshest way by the hands that created them, they have been cared for, loved, hated and desecrated. The visual vocabulary of the work provides folkloric insight into the narrative of the artists working as a collective. Plinking is onomatopoeic and a standard shooting term, referring to the action and resulting sound of shooting a non-traditional target, such as a tin can. The immediate misnomer when reading the title is an obvious transgression from classically rooted critical thinking by prefacing it with re(de)flective skepticism, a practice within critical thinking.

Parisian Laundry
Montreal, Quebec