A Rakes Progress

Stravinsky’s opera, The Rake’s Progress, weaves a tale of rise and fall. The protagonist of this story makes a deal with the devil in pursuit of power only to lose it all. The sculptural objects of this show pull from this narrative using satire and the devices of theatre to spin their own similar tale. This show is one of society’s peculiar relationship with nature and the repercussions of a reckless style of living. Constructed out of materials pulled from both the industrial and natural world this show acts as a jest on your front lawn. Home and Gardening: a setting where the current environmental issues surrounding our generation have been perverted and mainstreamed; lost in a jumble of green and friendly products. Here one finds man’s relationship with nature characterized and obscured as a microcosmic battle for control is waged over the territory. Nature quickly is distorted into novelty; its raison d’être becomes contradictory. This strange self negating essence man has forced upon the nature found in his backyard became the basis for the theatrical set of objects found in this show.

Montreal, Quebec