“Please enjoy our free wine and homemade cheese.” reads a golden scroll thrust in the face of attendees upon entry to the Fetaphysics happening. As an unofficial Nuit Blanche 2012 event taking place in the Belgo Building, the heart of the exhibition hustle and bustle, this piece set out to parody some of the evenings more insidious intentions. Fetaphysics was lots of free wine to be squeezed out of a massive grape cluster, an enormous block of fresh feta cheese that matches its plinth support in diameter, and obnoxiously loud Greek dance music that could be heard throughout the building.  The décor included pieces such as a golden chariot being pulled by a winged narwhal, a faceless bust slayed by its own sword that reads “N V US”, an inflating and deflating shower-curtain horse silhouette, and a video projection featuring the toga clad artists hanging from a rope harness, attempting to catch a barrage of hurled grapes in their mouths.

Galerie AB
Montreal, Quebec